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AI-medicare is an artificial intelligence engine which aims to facilitate rapid and low cost development of specialist e-health applications for more efficient decision-making in medical pre-diagnosis. The project has been funded by the European Union’s flagship “Horizon2020” research program and brings together professionals from different backgrounds. It currently operates from Poland. The project contributes to the UN’s priorities to optimize healthcare solutions and enhance the well-being of the population worldwide.

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The main goal of the project is to improve the diagnostic process using reasoning technology for preliminary medical diagnosis. It relies on the collection, analysis and use of medical knowledge to ask diagnostic questions to bring to light patients' conditions. Infermedica, a Polish Diagnostics company that owns the project, collects and organizes medical knowledge and makes use of machine learning. It also analyzes literature and patient records as well as drawing conclusions from patient data. Infermedica’s medical knowledge is stored in a proprietary database of probabilistic relationships, between various diagnostic variables such as conditions and symptoms. Infermedica provides an API for patient triage and preliminary medical diagnosis that supports the implementation of an intelligent symptom checker or an adaptive patient intake form for a specific health application.

Infermedica applies machine learning and data extraction algorithms to expand diagnostic capabilities by finding dependencies and common patterns in patient data, extracting knowledge from literature and published medical cases, and learning from custom data sources, e.g. anonymized EMR records.