Sustainable development goals
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Life on land
  • Sustainable cities and communities
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About the project

The RUBSEE project brings artificial intelligence to the field of waste management and goes beyond sorting, by monitoring in real time the waste flow processed by waste treatment plants. It is operated by the Barcelona-based company SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES and they carry out their activities mainly in Spain.

More project information

The project is a real time monitoring system using computer vision and artificial intelligence which makes it possible to follow waste management processes in waste treatment plants. The project aims to optimize the waste industry’s environmental performance and improve its economic and regulatory compliance. The system put in place with this project helps to optimize the performance and operation of waste plants and aids the recovery of different materials.

Currently, losses of high-value waste (PET/HDPE plastics, cans, cartons) can reach €2.5 million/year. As current technologies are not sufficient to meet EU regulations like Directive 2008/98/EC, which requires that 50% of household waste is recovered by 2020, RUBSEE’s objective is to increase material recuperation in a cost-effective way and consequently help meet the EU regulations’ provisions. 

The project, funded by the European Union’s flagship “Horizon2020” research program, aims to contribute to the European Union’s and the UN’s goals to create a more sustainable and clean environment by using state-of-the-art technology to optimize waste management processes.